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Times Global Village ‘07

Hearing a lot about the Times Global Village, a one month mutli-continental food and crafts festival, we headed out yesterday to get some feel of it. Four of us – Ajay, Ashish, Bhupal and Me braved the blistering summer heat and dust and got there. The first feel of the TGV was that we reached too early. Nothing was under way by the time we reached there which was around 4. All the stuff started only after sun down which was understandable considering the heat these days in Delhi, around 42C or 108F.

We roamed around a bit and headed out to what we’ve heard was the best option to try – Kebabs by Bundoos Khan from Pakistan. They were a bit costly but we felt that some things should be eaten just for their flavour and not to satisfy our gluttony. We then started to go through all those crafts stalls. The African area of the crafts stalls was really eye catching with the wooden carvings, bead necklaces, wild bangles and stuff. Literally a girls paradise. The highlight of them was the Czech stall. The models/saleswomen were too hot. Truly Yana Gupta’s country I thought. Even the stuff that was in those stalls was above the roof. Even the smallest of the crystals cost more than Rs. 3000. Each one us of brought somethings or the other that is destined to gather dust in some nook and corner from one shop or the other (but not the Czech stall).

We had some Thai food of which the chicken completely rocked and the noodle soup or some stuff sucked big time. We then moved a little had our dinner at Fast Trax and headed out. All in all there was not one moment that we felt was wasted. 😉 The chicks were exceptionally hot even on a working day, trust me.

The Eternal Party

It has been almost a month since I’ve posted anything and am pretty sure that most of the people must’ve moved on to greener pastures and regular blogs. But as I said this is NOT just any other blog. But I still want to post. I even wanted to post during the month but you know, something or the other came.

The weeks after my placement were mad. It was never this crazy. Life went on like an eternal party. We played into the night. Talked and laughed till early morning. Ran and tried to get fit before sunrise. We slept during the day only to wake up in the evenings. Calls from home went unanswered. People were really worried. I even got sick from eating so much at a particular instant of time. Girl friends got sick of us. For a few weeks we were boys. Nothing more, nothing less.

These few weeks might be some of the best days of my life that I might never get back. These few weeks for sure I will never forget. I tried to sleep last night so that I could sober up and start attending classes from today, but after five hours of just closing my eyes and lying still I gave up. I just could not sleep. I was accustomed to be awake during the night. So there went another day of my college since I will surely sleep during the day now.

I think from today things should get back to normal now that I have started my blog again, one of the few regular things I did. Lets just hope.