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New Gmail

The New version of Gmail with a new contact manager and prefetch features are being rolled out to many people as blogs keep appearing about the performance and plugin incompatibilities of the new Gmail. The contact list seems to be the star of the show which includes a feature to add other IM addresses for a contact as shown below.

gmail contact list IM's

You can access the new contact list which is a standalone application even if you don’t have the new Gmail yet. I myself am still waiting for the IMAP. 🙁

Movies last weekend: Jab We Met and No Smoking

These days theres not much work for me to do. So all I do is catch up on any of the new movies.
Jab We Met: Perfect bollywood drama. One could not ask for more. One of the best hindi movies I’ve seen in the last few months. Shahid as usual is not that great an actor but Kareena I think atlast did something that we can at last call ‘acting’. And the story more than makes up for Shahids acting prowess. Could not write anything more than the thing that it was a great movie. You’ll not get bored one second.

No Smoking: Do not, I repeat DO NOT watch this movie if you value your sanity. I sat through almost 3 hours of this movie and could not get a single clue about what the whole movie about. I spent a night analyzing the movie(since I’ve got nothing better to do these days), racking my brain until I almost drove myself insane. The theatre was almost empty on a sunday night which was its third day of release. I think that more than accentuates the failure of the movie. The director did a very bad job of porting a Stephen King’s novel for bollywood. At the end of the movie I was checking to see If I was the only one disappointed. People shaking their heads and joking about how bad the movie was reassured me.

Gmail going to be Faster!

I personally feel the Gmail is one of the fastest web mail services around. But one thing that made me happier was the announcement at the Analyst Day event. Google announced that the new version of Gmail that is set to launch soon will be faster than ever.

Some of the new features announced were:

  • Message Prefetching: The future Gmail will have a completely new JavaScript architecture. Gmail will fetch messages in advance so that when you need them they will be visible instantly in a single click.
  • New Contact Manager: Something that I have been waiting for. I feel that the present contact manger is a little clumsy.
  • Integrating Features: Some of the products currently integrated are Google Calendar, Google Docs. They show messages like “Add this event to Calendar” and “Open as a Google Document” simultaneously. Seems like more products are going to be integrated.

No old Blog. No New Blog. There’s only one blog.

The journey has been quite exciting. I started blogging at the now
defunct Yahoo!360. Then did some post on blogger and racked my brains
and imported all these posts into a WordPress installation on a free
hosting server. Now that I own a few domains I’ve decided to move all
the content here. I’ve found a wonderful resource for me to import all my previous blogs to one place. A plugin exists to export all the posts and comments of WordPress 2.1+ blogs to wxr format. Wxr stands for WordPress eXtended Rss.

I dared and used the plugin for my old WordPress 2.0.5 blog. It installed and exported all the content in an instant. I was a little apprehensive about importing this file into my current blog setup fearing it would ruin everything if there is a format mismatch. But it integrated wonderfully into my new setup.

Now I have all my blog posts, since June 2005 in one place. I never thought it would be possible in such an easy manner.

WordPress rocks!

WordPress Upgrade

The blog was down for about 30 minutes during 12:10PM GMT and 12:40PM GMT due to scheduled maintenance for WordPress upgrade released 15 hours earlier. WordPress has been upgraded from 2.3 to 2.3.1, which is a bug-fix and security release. The upgrade went smooth except for one thing. After I finished uploading all the new files, I accessed the link for the process to begin. But a page opened telling me “No Upgrade Required. Your WordPress database is already up-to-date!”. For a second there I was worried that the upgrade process did not recognize my upgrade. But all was well after I check the dashboard. This was my first successful WordPress upgrade.

Some of the notable Bug fixes can be found here:
More than 20 bugs were fixed in this release.

Special Note: to users on netfirms hosting who have previously used the Pretty URL’s in WordPress for Netfirms post to correct their permalink problem should again access their wp-includes/canonical.php and comment out the last line which should look like this after the edit,

//add_action('template_redirect', 'redirect_canonical');