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BSNL Broadband

When I finally took my computer home and had to get an Internet connection, I was skeptical about the connection provided by BSNL which is the state owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. I was glad that I did not get any other connection after five months of being with BSNL. I hear people bickering and crying about how bad their BSNL connection is. But in my area, when I say that it has an uptime of nearly 99%, I’m not pulling your leg. By my area I mean Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

BSNL tariff Screenshot

I have used the above mentioned plans for about five months now and the unlimited plan is the best for someone like me. The first month I had my connection my PC was on 24/7 and did a total data transfer of about 65GB. I’m currently using the Home 500 plan since I’m not home most of the time these days. shuttling between Delhi and Guntur, ferrying financial documents for my Visa interview that I have December 5th in Delhi.

The whole of last week I was home and was amazed by the speed the "Upto 2Mbps" connection gives you. Just see the screenshot that I took while I downlaoded one of the TV episodes:

download screenshot

And most of the time I get a near flat line constant speed provided that its a good torrent.

constant download speed

I give all this just to prove one single point – Contrary to the popular belief, BSNL Broadband is one of the best ISP’s out there bringing cheap Internet to the masses. There is one single very big problem with BSNL, I CAN"T ACCESS MY BLOG OR POST FROM HOME WITH BSNL. I mean that sucks big time. May be because my blog does a lot of outside PHP connections or because the DNS times out I could not figure it our yet. That’s the reason I was unable to post for a whole week though I tried like a zillion times and over.

Home, Not-So-Sweet Home

I travel almost 2000kms(~1300miles) home thinking that I can go back to blogging only to find it totally wrecked by my brother. Don’t know what people manage to do with my PC but nothing happens to it as long as I use it. But keep it in the hands of others and they will literally wreck it. I had to remove everything – graphics adapter, RAM, Hard Disk Drive, motherboard, and everything thats in there. Had to clean everything, reconnect all the power connectors and waste about half a day with nothing better to do than gazing out of the window. But mom’s food as always brings some solace into this bad day. I had to travel everywhere today to get my documents ready for my big Visa interview which I think is gonna happen on Dec 5th if all goes well.

The iPod i had(borrowed) provided excellent music throughout the journey. Increasing my Cool Quotient, CQ, wherever required. 😀

Google Adsense Updated

An update has been made to Google Adsense. Now you cannot click anywhere on the text ad and go to the advertised site. Only the site name and link are explicitly click-able. The text in between is normal text. This saves the advertisers from fake clicks and bad traffic to their site. Though the earning might initially drop for several web publishers I think this is a good move by Google considering that they had to shell out $90million in a settlement case with an advertiser. But the image ad units are click-able throughout.

Happy Birthday to Me :)

smiley with neon lights

I turn a year older today. I never get around celebrating my birthday as other people do. I feel that to celebrate you need have an occasion. Of course, you surviving in this rotten, dog-eat-dog, backbiting, double crossing, twisted world for more than two decades is worth mentioning as a red letter day. Sometimes I feel nostalgic of all those childhood birthdays I used to celebrate when I was a kid and some my family used to celebrate for me that I had to attend like a guest.

Yes I enjoy all the attention. People call in from all over the world to greet me. Friends, Family, colleagues and everyone who ever knew me. They scrap me on Orkut, write-on-wall on facebook, leave me offlines on Yahoo IM or anything for that matter to just greet me. Feels real good that people remember me and wish to greet me. They might have got those birthday reminders or notifications, whatever you call them. But they managing to get themselves to message me is more than one could ask for.

Just want to say, “Thank you! One and All. I miss you and the time we spent together. I really do.”

Import Gmail Contacts into iPod in 3 Steps

I recently had a chance to browse a 30GB video iPod that my friend has. It really was a very good piece for all those gadget lovers like me. I came across one of the less used features of the iPod – Contacts. I was really impressed with the detail and design of the contacts in iPod complete with an option for a contact image. So I thought why not import all the Gmail contacts into the iPod.

Step 1: Export contacts from Gmail. Open Gmail in your browser windows, go to Contacts and select Export.

export contacts from gmail
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