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A Short Break From Blogging

The site updates and blog posts have been erratic since a few days. There’s a reason. I have been admitted to San Francisco State University for which I got a VISA on Dec 5th. I was busy making all the preparations and will be so for another week or so, because once I come to United States it will be a couple of years before I can go back home. So there are things to take care of.
Sri Harsha Yalamanchili

Label Colors in Gmail

Gmail added yet another exciting feature to its latest version of its email – Colored Labels. Currently the label colors are available only for IE7 and Firefox 2 according to the official blog.

gmail label colors

This provides eye candy indication of the kind of mail you receive in your inbox. Also the Official Google Blog announces that they do like folders concept and are not entirely against it and that they are developing something folder sort for Gmail. If you ask me I’m fine with Labels and not one of those who would die for folders in Gmail.

Orkut Offers Notice

Today I was surprised to see a small Notice popping at the bottom right corner of my screen notifying me that someone just posted me a scrap. Going into settings I saw this:

orkut notice

At first I thought I had accidentally left GTalk logged in so I was getting some message. Under normal circumstances when your are browsing some forum, you have to go back to your scrapbook and refresh it every time you want to check for new scraps. But this great addition to orkut rescues your from the routine which can become quite tedious.

Google Desperate to Save Earth?

I don’t want to sound cynical but two posts I have read recently were too close for comfort. I first read a blog post Duncan Riley on TechCrunch titled “Google Earth Heading Towards Extinction?” on November 28th 2007. Then I found a blog post dated November 30th 2007 on Official Google Blog titled “Tracking Santa, then and now” by some Carrie Farrell, which talks about tracking Santa Claus with Google Earth and NORAD(North American Aerospace Defence Command). Now that’s what I call really farfetched. Is Google trying to cash in on Christmas? If you ask my opinion I don’t think Google would stoop so low for such mundane things but then again as they say desperate times call for desperate measures. May be Google Earth IS heading towards extinction.

When they could have simply told us about the new fun feature, they say:

You can download Google Earth and add the NORAD Tracks Santa iGoogle gadget to your iGoogle page anytime, but make sure to come back to on December 24th to download the special Santa Tracking file for an enhanced 3D Santa-tracking experience.

Now you can see that you have to install Google Earth and go to the and download the tracking file for Google Earth on Christmas eve. So may be they are thinking of kick starting the use of Google Earth, again.