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A Mad Week

I’ve never done so much in just one week of my life. Earlier for whole semesters I used to do nothing more than just let life pass by. There was never much to blog about anything. Now I do. Enough to make an unordered list out of it:

  • Shopped at Dollar Store, CostCo, Malls, Indian Stores and online etc etc etc.
  • Gone basement hunting for stuff to furnish our new apartment (You won’t believe the stuff we’ve found)
  • Attended our first week of real classes
  • Gave my first quiz in the US
  • Done some non-web related real coding after some three years
  • Broke a lot of stuff in my home one evening (Don’t ask me why – Don’t want to go into the details here)
  • Really managed to study even when I had no test or exam the next day
  • Walked what felt like many miles to and from the school
  • Joined a Gym but not regular yet
  • Applied for and got my Credit Card, Debit Card and Health Insurance card (Wallets already filling up with cards)
  • Did my first scam in US and applied for a Social Security Number (We’ll not exactly a scam but its what everyone does for an SSN)
  • And last but not the least – Lots of Babes

I took 3 classes this semester which add up to like 8 hours of classes per week. Analysis of Algorithms, Software Development and Theory of Computing – I’m finally studying something that interests me after 4 years of total brain wastage doing my Electronics and Communication Engineering. Seriously don’t even ask me what a diode is – I DON’T KNOW.