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Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 is out for Windows Vista today. I got it through windows update as a 67MB download since I kept doing all other updates as and when they were available. Here’s the link for the complete service pack download nearly 440MB.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 x86

As usual with all the windows service packs my windows installation did slow down a bit. But not as much as Windows XP Service Pack 2 used to do to my desktop. As you people might already know I’m using a pretty good laptop now. Just out of curiosity I did a rating check for my laptop and the numbers I got were pretty impressive considering that you need just 2.0 for acceptable Aero display. I got 3.4 overall score and lowest being the Aero thing.


I’ve got 4.3 for gaming graphics. Just so that you know what I’m doing right now with all the graphics display prowess of my laptop – I’m playing Half Life 2 and Counter Strike: Source.

half-life-2-logo counter-strike-source-logo


We’ll we woke up late as usual since it was a weekend. But we at least woke up by midday. When we got to school we could not get into the science building since all the doors we knew about were closed, and I agree we knew very little. After a few minutes of search up and down the campus pathways we found the door, in plain view.

Game day in undergrad lab

People were already enjoying with a lot of consoles. You can see (or not) the Nintendo Wii on the left and people playing RockBand on the right. There was a PS3 on which two guys were playing soccer all the time. There was no PC gaming because people said that it took too long to set up the PCs to make them playable. There was also an Atari system which was never setup.

Rock Band on Sony PS2

There were Doritos and lots of soda to start with. The Pizzas came in late along with Simon, the guy with a PC in the first picture. We dug in as soon as they arrived. As usual there was lots of food to go around. It took a while even for us to complete everything but in the end we got there.

food in computer lab

We ate, talked and played various games for about 3 hours and then they gave away some casual prizes for the largest scores. I didn’t get any of course because it was my first time at a console game(the real reason might be that I usually suck at games but I still do not stop playing them). I had a great time meeting some people. And here I am sitting in the SF State library and writing this blog post among the book stacks.

San Francisco State University Library-among the book stacks


Whenever I  saw people hawking cheap wallets, with zillions of slots for plastic cards, in India – I used to think these people are crazy. Whose going to use so many slots? But coming to America changed that.


In just a month after coming here, I have like already accumulated 8 cards. You can see that there are ID cards, Bank card, Credit card, Health Insurance card, Social Security card, etc. You’ll get a card at every other place you go. And if you go to a new place one day, people there will be after you selling their specialty ‘store’ card – ANOTHER card for you to add to your wallet. And trust me these are just the cards that I carry in my wallet(Yes, I do have to carry them everyday). Apart from these the public transportation runs on magnetic cards too.

How about someone implement something cool like a “Super Card”. Any card that you would normally get should be just another piece of data that can be stored on your super card. Just one Card! Boy I sure would love that. There was a concept like this a few years back but I definitely don’t know whatever happened to it.

The weekend is here and finally some quality time to watch some movies. I have been downloading a lost of stuff but never had the time the past week to watch any. And we have a Game Day tomorrow sponsored by SFSU ACM. There will be Nintendo Wii and some traditional Atari games. Free pizza and soft drinks too 😀 . I love ACM. We have like great food whenever we have a meeting. And we have a meeting every week.

The Beach

Nothing better to do on Friday after my classes I decided its finally time to see the Pacific coast. I google’d a bit for it and to my surprise found that its real close to where I live. Fort Funston, a decommissioned army base acts as a beach area. So I took my friends bike and headed out.


It took me about 15-20 minutes to get there and there was a little hike from the road level to get to the coast. Its actually a cliff side. I had to go up a log staircase to get there and go down another log staircase to get down to the beach. The first thing I noticed were dogs. There were lots and lots of dogs. I didn’t know that this area is one of the most visited dog walking parks in San Francisco. And then I saw Battery Davis which you see below. I was amazed by the sheer size of the Gun that it used to hold.


To the side of Battery Davis is Fort Funston’s hang gliding viewing platform used by spectators. Fort Funston is now a major site for hang gliding with an area set aside for opening and folding gliders and taking off.