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iPhone App “Y! Messenger” Hijacks Safari Search Provider

I installed Yahoo! Messenger app on my iPhone today. Its fairly functional. I opened Safari to do some mundane thing and was surprised to see that my default search provider has been changed(hijacked) Read More →

How To Take an iPhone Screenshot

I didn’t know how to take an iPhone screenshot till today. I thought geeks did some uber-geek hack thing and got a screenshot. Its so easy that I look stupid now.

Be at the screen.[The screen you want a shot of]

Press down Home Button[The Big Round Button in the centre] and then Press and release the iPhone Lock button[The Small Button at the top of the iPhone].

There will be a flash confirming the screenshot and you’ll have the image file in your Photos > Camera Roll.

Custom New Ringtones on my iPhone

Yes I have an iPhone now. But was so lazy that I did not have the time to put some nice new ringtones on my phone.

At last I did. Proof–

Read More →