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Going to DEFCON 17! Vegas Baby, Vegas!!!

I’m going to DEFCON at last.

And I’m driving there, Road Trip. 🙂

And we’re going to Vegas!


And yes you can turn green with envy now.

Ruth Asawa’s San Francisco Fountain

I love this shot that I took a while back of the San Francisco Fountain.

san francisco fountain - 1

But I’m not really content with the way it looks. I really want to try out putting a neutral density filter on and using a long exposure, so that the water has that ethereal feel to it.

This is the fountain from an other angle.

san francisco fountain - 3

I missed a lot of detail in this picture or may be this calls for a panorama at close range.

Here’s the description of the fountain:

san francisco fountain - 2

Behind the Camera

There are two sides to the story of owning a camera.

On the positive side, you’ll have lots of good pictures and the opportunity to just go and shoot pictures whenever you want to. And experiment.

But on the other side, you end up having almost zero pictures with you in them. None at all. 🙁

The other day I wanted to change my profile picture on one of the social networking sites and I was going through my huge archive of pictures I took over the past couple of months. I barely had any pictures.

Just writing out loud here.

Power Outage at San Francisco State University

An unexpected power outage left much of San Francisco State University in darkness. I work for one of the campus systems departments and we had to literally run to our server room to shutdown our servers due to the fear that they might just set themselves on fire due to loss of cooling or there might be data loss. Read More →

Windows XP Deployment

Thinking of an easy and surefire way to deploy about 40 Windows XP Professional Machines.


More coming up…