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I have Google Wave :D

Yes that’s a big grin. I’ve been waiting for it a while now.


One weird thing I observed though. Google wave gives you an email address like So I tried emailing that address from my Gmail. And then nothing. I mean the email goes through fine but it doesn’t come out the other end. And no delivery error messages on my Gmail either.

More updates after I play with it a while. And I have some Google Wave Invites if someone needs them.

Update: I’ve bookmarked 5 invites for people who stumble upon my blog. The first 5 get an invite.

1st Invite – Gone!

2nd Invite – Gone!

3rd Invite – Gone!

4th Invite – Gone!

5th Invite – Gone!

Update: That’s all for now folks. I’ll have a new post up if I get more invites. But for now I’m out.

Google Voice Invites


Google Voice started handing out invites a while. And I just saw that I have some. So who wants a Google Voice invite? The first 3 requests get their invites. Comment by saying something like, “Can I get an invite? my email is xxx.”

I’ll keep updating this post as I get more invites.

1st Invite – Gone!

2nd Invite – Gone!

3rd Invite – Gone!

Disappearing Windows 7 Jump Lists

Recently I’ve found that my Windows 7 explorer jump lists would disappear the next day after I carefully create them. I had a nagging doubt that this has something to do with CCleaner. So I googled around a bit and found that this was the case. To disable this,

CCleaner-jumplists Make sure that the Taskbar Jump Lists option under the Windows Explorer menu is un-checked.

I don’t know why anyone would want to clear their carefully created jump lists every time they run CCleaner. At least it should be disabled by default like the Autocomplete Form History that’s disabled by default under Internet Explorer.

Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) – What’s the big deal?

Monosodium Glutamate

I always loved it. Granted it doesn’t leave a pleasant sensation when you have too much of it in your food, but it does make your food taste a lot better. I really don’t know what the big deal about MSG is. I hear some people asking at restaurants, "Does this have MSG?" and some people totally avoid MSG. It’s so hard to find MSG in most stores. The only place you get it, is in Asian Stores. I had to order mine online because my nearest Asian store was on the other side of the city when I first came here.

The MSG page on Wikipedia does not have any proof that its harmful to health. The only proper research is that a study has shown that people with MSG consumption "might" be correlated to increased BMI. Has these people taken into consideration that those people just have increased BMI because the food tastes good and they might be eating a lot of it? I cook a lot of asian food and I prefer to have MSG in my food thank you.

How to Cook Perfect Rice


Things You Need:

  • An Electric Rice Cooker: The basic one’s where you put water and rice and with a warm/cook switch.
  • Rice
  • Water
  • Butter

The How To:

  • 1 Part Rice
  • 1.75 Parts Water (Always make sure you put less than 2 parts water)
  • Put the Rice cooker in cook mode
  • Put in a couple of thinly sliced butter pieces. (You can substitute any cooking oil for this)
  • Switch off the cooker as soon as it returns to warm. Do not open for 15 mins.

Additionally you can add a pinch of salt and some cumin seeds to the rice and water for some flavor.