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Woke up in the middle of the night for no reason at all and can’t sleep now. Been whiling away my Thanksgiving break watching tv series all night and sleeping/working during the day. Guess the schedule change is messing up with my sleep pattern.

– Pressed from my iPhone

Update Adobe Flash Player

logo_flashplayerI was going through my site Analytics right now and see that a surprising number of people, almost 33% of the visitors still use an older version of Adobe Flash Player on their browser. Some of them are using Flash Player 9.

Why do you need Adobe Flash Player? Almost any video you play online Youtube, Hulu, Netflix or interactive websites like Facebook use Flash Player.

Why should you update since the old one still works? Adobe recently added support for enhanced hardware acceleration. What it means for you is that if you have a decent enough computer, the flash player you had till now is not using your full computer power to display good quality videos. That’s the reason your videos are crappy and choppy. ( Assuming your internet’s not the issues )

This should help you with testing your version of Adobe Flash Player and you can download the latest version from here.

Black Friday 2009

Last year for Black Friday we we’re out all night Thursday looking for deals, camping in front of stores, waiting for coupons and rushing in to grab stuff. It was fun and exciting. And it was possible as I had cash, not tons of cash, to spend on stuff I don’t need but stuff that I want.

This year however it looks like I’d be staying home, cooking dinner, doing my homework and going to sleep. Two ways to look at it.

This has been a boring year. But a productive year. 🙂

And I can’t wait to graduate. I’m so fed up. I’ve been going to school for almost a quarter century now.

How To Erase A Hard Drive

This is one of the typical tasks that I get at work. I would be given a hard drive to be ‘wipe’ed, which typically means that I have to erase all the data on the hard drive so that it can be disposed off properly. Formatting a hard drive will simply not cut it. There are ways to partially recover data off drives that have been formatted several times over. So whenever you’re selling/giving away your computer or throwing away a hard drive that you think doesn’t work, this is what you should do to wipe it to remove any private data.

  • Get DBAN and burn it to a cd.
  • Boot off the DBAN cd and run a hard drive wipe, at least DoD Short.

DoD Standard is the most secure option which does seven passes and completely nukes your data. DoD Short, which does three passes, will suffice in most situations and is much quicker than the Standard wipe. ( Yes, DoD stands for Department of Defense )

What if the hard drive doesn’t work at all? This is what I did with one SCSI hard drive that did not spin at all.

open-scsi-hard-disk I opened it up. The bracket that holds the drive head has some powerful magnets that you can extract and have fun with. Be super careful though, they have some heavy duty magnets in there. You can remove the drive platter(s), scratch it like hell, run a magnet all over it and trash it. I’d really like to see someone get data off that platter I messed with.

And that’s how you dispose a hard drive that doesn’t work or one that doesn’t spin.

What’s Wrong with Google Wave – Another Google Wave Post


Google Wave is awesome. Everyone agrees. And there are books out there dissecting the guts of Google Wave. But no one still seems to point out one thing.

Who wants to log into another email like messaging system and check their waves everyday?

Not me. Not many of my friends. And I consider all of us to be tech savvy beta campers – meaning we camp out to get into anything beta. I take tons of time to organize and unify my everyday communication with the outside world. It would’ve been great if there was a notification email sent to Gmail every time someone sent me a wave, instead of me logging in everyday or just plain stay logged-in all the time. Google Voice does that. And I don’t have to keep logging into to Google Voice to check everyday.

And what’s wrong with the fake email looking wave address that does nothing?