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On my way to see Avatar…

Update: Avatar was AWESOME. I don’t think I need to say anything more since the movie has already been dissected by countless blogs and websites. I just saw in 3D though, not IMAX 3D. 🙁

Expedia Down?

Wanted to find a cheap flight for my friend who’s flying in from San Diego. Was trying out different websites before I landed at this.


Expedia seems to be down at the moment. So I’m off to

Brittany Murphy Dies of Cardiac Arrest

Shit, she’s not even 35 and she dies due to a heart attack? Seriously?


I thought I’d be seeing her again in Sin City 2. Here’s the link to the BBC news article.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.9 Carmen

I did an automatic WordPress upgrade to 2.9 today. I didn’t know that it would be announced so soon after the release of RC1. I mean where was RC2? 😛


It feels good and I WANT to upgrade WordPress whenever there is a new release these days when I don’t have to go through the old painful steps of backing up, downloading the new installation files and updating the files one-by-one like I used to do before the automatic upgrade came along.

wordpress_upgrade_2.8.6_to_2.9_step2 Is Down and all of its sub-domains like are down since almost 2 hours. And they’re still that way. What the fuck is going on during finals week? Or did the students take over the servers in the basement this time.

10:10pm Update 1: The campus network started experiencing outage at around 7:06pm for both inbound and outbound traffic. Intra-campus traffic seems to be working properly. Not a student takeover. (sigh!) So the network’s been down for more than 3 hours already. I need to finish up a final report tonight. 🙁

10:20pm Update 2: It’s up!