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iMat [Funny]

People desperately wanted Apple to make a tablet and when they finally did something – THEY DONT LIKE IT. Well they should try their hand at creating something to at least know how hard some people work to bring a product out. Its not necessary that they should love it instantly but it definitely needs the benefit of doubt.

691404701But have to agree it’s sort of funny. Original article at BEGEEK.

The Linux Phase

Hope I’m NOT going through the same phase. I tend to pacify myself by saying that I’m learning something new everyday. Even my router has custom compiled Linux now! And I have to say I’ve gone through my fair share of kernel hacking.


From: xkcd

Switch to Linux: Part 1


I’ve recently decided to try and switch completely to a Linux operating system. Partly because I like the idea of using open source software that is available for public scrutiny. Also because I wanted to start improving my Python.

As a part of this process I installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala in addition to my Windows 7 and started using it as my primary os. I’m known to be partial to Fedora but this time around I wanted to just go with Ubuntu owing to the humongous user base, which means better support information thats available out there.

Some of the issue I faced, in hope of receiving some excellent suggestions from the community of-course –

Issue 1: I have a Logitech MX Revolution multiple button mouse. Apart from the fact that the mouse is jittery all the time, the buttons are not detected by default. Installed btnx and enabled revoco for my mouse. Everything seems to be fine for now.

Issue 2: I’m partial to Photoshop and I use Illustrator on and off to design weird logo’s sometimes.

Issue 3: No Windows Live Writer replacement for Linux. None of the blog clients simple cut it. Even if MS wants me to pay for Live Writer, I probably would. It’s that good. Installed VirtualBox > Installed Windows XP > Installed Windows Live Writer.

Issue 4: Non existent Netflix support. I’m not a big fan/addict of Netflix but I do like watching movies instantly once in a while. But when I try to do that under Linux I get this rather unpleasant message – “Our apologies – streaming is not supported for your operating system.” Excuse me, but is that even correct English? shouldn’t it be “on your operating system”?

Issue 5: Old Firefox. It seems the Firefox build that is available in the Ubuntu repositories is almost always older than the current available Firefox. My version is 3.5.8 whereas the latest available version of Firefox is 3.6. If you need the latest Firefox you need to remove the one you have and get the latest from Mozilla. It’s imperative that I work with the latest version as 3.6 has the latest CSS, DOM and HTML5 support and I need those things since I’ve started working on those.

Devotion to Duty


From: xkcd

Parody to…

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Another Costco Trip

Made another Costco trip today seeing that my membership is expiring the end of this month. I probably won’t renew my membership for a while after this. Doesn’t make sense sinking money into something that I’m not going to use that frequently. Brought home some yoghurt, spinach and cheese ravioli, apples and some mild cheddar cheese. Went through all those cheeses Costco had so thoroughly may be for the first time.

While coming back on the Muni I see this girl, not too overweight either, occupying three complete seats with her shit. These seats are generally reserved for old/disabled people. There were a couple of old people struggling to stand and there she was on the phone chatting away as if she was entitled to sit in those seats.