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Scheduled Maintenance This Weekend

My one long year with multiple site outages and high ping response times is almost over. I’ll be moving from Dreamhost to my old host – Netfirms. I would be moving my blog and a couple of other sites so people who do stop by once in a while expect some downtime over this weekend while I’m doing this. If everything goes as planned this should be a smooth and easy transfer.

CSS3 and A Few Things I Should’ve Know Before Today

With CSS3, which is currently under development, you don’t have to break an arm and a leg to get rounded corners. Yes I’m a big fan of rounded corners. Just include this in your css.

border-radius: 5px;

Google Chrome recognizes this out of the box. But on Firefox, which is my default browser, it doesn’t show up. A little more research gave me this.

Layout Engines used by different browsers:-

Gecko: Firefox

Webkit: Apple Safari & Google Chrome

KHTML: KDE Konqueror

Presto: Opera

So for rounded corners in Firefox just include this line in addition to the border-radius rule.

-moz-border-radius: 5px;

-webkit-border-radius: 5px;

That should take care of Firefox and the second line for webkit should take care of Safari. Frankly speaking, these are all the browsers that I really give a shit about.

Google Gears Updated for Firefox 3.6

google_gears_logo_153x43 Finally! Google Gears has been updated for Firefox 3.6! The only thing I use Gears is for WordPress Turbo and I was worried that Google has totally stopped updating Gears. It was finally updated today and the Gears plugin is working again and chugging along.

KeePass on Ubuntu

I finally wanted to have KeePass to track my uncontrolled registrations all over the Wild Wild Web. I google’d a bit and found no perfect guide on the web, so I’m writing one. Now that I’m using Linux running KeePass, a windows executable, is not so easy. You need to have mono to run KeePass under Linux.

The Process:

  • Check mono is installed: Installed by default in Ubuntu
  • Install mono-devel: sudo apt-get install mono-devel
  • Install System.Windows.Forms for Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms*
  • Download and extract KeePass portable
  • Run with the command: mono KeePass.exe

Tested on Ubuntu 9.10

Also works on Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix

Python: Key Notes

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Some of the key concepts that I’m taking down as notes, while I was brush up my Python. I’ll keep updating this page as I move along.

  • Immutability of Strings
  • To find methods available with a specific object: dir(objectName)
  • Pattern matching: import re
  • Python (nested)lists → (multi-dimensional)arrays in other programming languages
  • Python Dictionaries → Java HashMap but more awesome, minus the java craziness.
  • Iteration Protocol
  • Tuples → Immutable Lists [ Ex: T=(1,2,3,4) ] Concatenation, indexing, slicing,etc., works.
  • Python Dictionaries → Java HashMap but more awesome, minus the java craziness.
  • Iteration Protocol
  • Tuples → Immutable Lists [Ex: T=(1,2,3,4)] Concatenation, indexing, slicing,etc., works