KeePass on Ubuntu

I finally wanted to have KeePass to track my uncontrolled registrations all over the Wild Wild Web. I google’d a bit and found no perfect guide on the web, so I’m writing one. Now that I’m using Linux running KeePass, a windows executable, is not so easy. You need to have mono to run KeePass under Linux.

The Process:

  • Check mono is installed: Installed by default in Ubuntu
  • Install mono-devel: sudo apt-get install mono-devel
  • Install System.Windows.Forms for Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms*
  • Download and extract KeePass portable
  • Run with the command: mono KeePass.exe

Tested on Ubuntu 9.10

Also works on Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix

5 Thoughts on “KeePass on Ubuntu

  1. Thanks, this was what I needed to get KeePass going on Ubuntu 9.10 remix.


  2. Sorry to have to say that my results weren’t as good.
    Followed the steps to the letter, but nothing happens when I tell Ubuntu 10.04 (netbook) to run KeePass.exe with mono.

  3. I works fine under Ubuntu 10.10. Although the program seems a little unstable in comparison to under Windows. ‘Tis a shame ’cause its a wonderful program.

  4. CPM – Console Password Manager is a major pain in the butt to setup but an alternative for the insanely paranoid sysadmins like me.

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