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How To: Test mod_rewrite

This is more of a self-note to myself. This simple test will confirm if that mod_rewrite apache module you just enabled is actually working. Once you have enabled the mod_rewrite module using “a2enmod mod_rewrite”, create a .htaccess file in the document root with the following content:

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Restart apache and go to that site of yours. You should be redirected to automagically. If not check your file permissions.

Mac OS X: How to connect to Windows File Sharing (SMB)

I wanted to connect to my home server using my mac today. I said to myself RTFM and went through the Apple KB article mentioned here. Well that did NOT help at all. I kept getting “Invalid User” error. So then I said to myself “I will google it before asking dumb questions” and this is what  found. You can use the same method to connect to any shared folders on a windows computer.

Open a “Finder” windows and press “Command-K”(or use Go > Connect to Server from the menu bar). Enter the url of your samba share as shown below. Depending on the settings of your samba server, if you don’t know the exact share name, you can omit the “/sharename” part from the url. The would open up a window with a list of all shares that you have access to.


DO NOT enter your credentials as shown below. This was why I was getting access errors. Make sure you delete any credentials stored in “Keychain Access” for this particular server if you saved some credentials that do not work.


Enter your credentials with the server name or ip followed by a forward slash and then username. This has been tested on 10.6 and should work for all other versions that support samba.


Remember to delete credentials saved to “Keychain Access” for this particular server if you need to connect to the same server but as a different user. This might come in hand when different folders are accessible only through user credentials.

HP Assumes You’re Stupid

The other day I had to enable virtualization extensions on a HP laptop. There is absolutely no direct way to get to the BIOS. I had to go look up some documentation to finally find out that you have press F2 to get to boot options and then press F10 to get into BIOS, re-iterating my hate for all products HP.


Once you get in, you’re greeted by things like “specialized software applications” and “HP recommends that this feature remain disabled…”. I get it that laptops likes these are meant for normal users, but it should not mean that normal users are tech-illiterate and don’t know anything about virtualization.

P.S.: Awesome(sarcastic) BIOS utility name by the way – InsydeH20.

Long Lines at iPad2 Release

The iPad2 release at the San Francisco Apple Store, right behind my office building. Huge lines, 4 blocks long wrapped around the block. I get it that people are excited but there’s no need to get THIS excited for sequels. And its not even that exciting, still no USB/Thunderbolt external storage support.

Mac OS X Updates: Gearing Up For The Upcoming IOS 4.3