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Another Costco Trip

Made another Costco trip today seeing that my membership is expiring the end of this month. I probably won’t renew my membership for a while after this. Doesn’t make sense sinking money into something that I’m not going to use that frequently. Brought home some yoghurt, spinach and cheese ravioli, apples and some mild cheddar cheese. Went through all those cheeses Costco had so thoroughly may be for the first time.

While coming back on the Muni I see this girl, not too overweight either, occupying three complete seats with her shit. These seats are generally reserved for old/disabled people. There were a couple of old people struggling to stand and there she was on the phone chatting away as if she was entitled to sit in those seats.

Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) – What’s the big deal?

Monosodium Glutamate

I always loved it. Granted it doesn’t leave a pleasant sensation when you have too much of it in your food, but it does make your food taste a lot better. I really don’t know what the big deal about MSG is. I hear some people asking at restaurants, "Does this have MSG?" and some people totally avoid MSG. It’s so hard to find MSG in most stores. The only place you get it, is in Asian Stores. I had to order mine online because my nearest Asian store was on the other side of the city when I first came here.

The MSG page on Wikipedia does not have any proof that its harmful to health. The only proper research is that a study has shown that people with MSG consumption "might" be correlated to increased BMI. Has these people taken into consideration that those people just have increased BMI because the food tastes good and they might be eating a lot of it? I cook a lot of asian food and I prefer to have MSG in my food thank you.

How to Cook Perfect Rice


Things You Need:

  • An Electric Rice Cooker: The basic one’s where you put water and rice and with a warm/cook switch.
  • Rice
  • Water
  • Butter

The How To:

  • 1 Part Rice
  • 1.75 Parts Water (Always make sure you put less than 2 parts water)
  • Put the Rice cooker in cook mode
  • Put in a couple of thinly sliced butter pieces. (You can substitute any cooking oil for this)
  • Switch off the cooker as soon as it returns to warm. Do not open for 15 mins.

Additionally you can add a pinch of salt and some cumin seeds to the rice and water for some flavor.

Food Blogging

I’m a insanely, obsessively and manically particular about good food. I eat out a lot, trying different cuisines(part of the reason why I’m close to being broke). I cook a lot at home too, again different cuisines.

I wanted to have a food category on my blog for a while now, but as everyone knows eating good food and writing about good food are two totally different things. Both these things are on different levels of fun.

I can say that I perfected the art of making rice, just the way I want – non-sticky and dry feeling but not undercooked.

So How to Cook Perfect Rice becomes my number one post in my quest for culinary perfection.