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AutoBox – More Than Plain Vanilla Torrent Downloading

Ubuntu Server Setup

Hardware You Need: Any box that runs Ubuntu server edition with respectable performance.


  • SSH
  • rtorrent
  • Samba
  • Apache

More as I find time…


On my way to see Avatar…

Update: Avatar was AWESOME. I don’t think I need to say anything more since the movie has already been dissected by countless blogs and websites. I just saw in 3D though, not IMAX 3D. 🙁

Brittany Murphy Dies of Cardiac Arrest

Shit, she’s not even 35 and she dies due to a heart attack? Seriously?


I thought I’d be seeing her again in Sin City 2. Here’s the link to the BBC news article.

Ironman 2 Trailer Released

OMG! Ironman 2 trailer released and I had no clue it did until I saw the trailers at today. What is the world coming to.


Watch the trailer right now at Apple Trailers specifically the Iron Man 2 Trailers page.

Hank Moody in Jail


Hank Moody from Californication is in the fucking jail. Just saw last night’s episode of Californication and the first time ever he tries to be good and not fuck around, he gets fucked in return. Can’t believe they decided to put him in jail for the first time ever after so many fuck ups.