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reCAPTCHA Installed On My WordPress Blog – Fuck You Comment Spam

Recaptcha_logoJust installed reCAPTCHA plugin for on my WordPress and it works and integrates “B E A Utifully” with my current theme and looks cool. A lot less work for my Akismet plugin now. Wonder how the two plugins would complement each other if at all.

Click to comment to see what I’m talking about.

Lifehacker is that spam on your blog? Really?

I was searching for mac blogging tools and came upon this Lifehacker post that had comment spam. SPAM!

Lifehacker_screenshotI mean I can understand a puny little blog publisher with comment spam. But with the resources, editors, guest bloggers and interns you still have comment spam?

Photo Comments Are Here – Orkut

If you haven’t observed, Facebook style photo comments have arrived on Orkut. May be it has been there all along and I missed it or may be it just arrived silently. No blog post yet either on Orkut blog or the official Google blog.


This is the last block on your Orkut home page, just below the recent updates block. You have to go the image in question to post a comment as show below.


I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something really lame about this interface. Whatever happened to the Google’s favorite Ajax? Let me explain. One of my friends uploads a new image to their album. It shows up in our recent updates from friends. Now to post a comment I don’t want to go all the way to that specific picture in their album. I want to post a comment right here and right now!