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Another Costco Trip

Made another Costco trip today seeing that my membership is expiring the end of this month. I probably won’t renew my membership for a while after this. Doesn’t make sense sinking money into something that I’m not going to use that frequently. Brought home some yoghurt, spinach and cheese ravioli, apples and some mild cheddar cheese. Went through all those cheeses Costco had so thoroughly may be for the first time.

While coming back on the Muni I see this girl, not too overweight either, occupying three complete seats with her shit. These seats are generally reserved for old/disabled people. There were a couple of old people struggling to stand and there she was on the phone chatting away as if she was entitled to sit in those seats.

My Own Photo Blog

I’ve been thinking for while whether or not post the pictures I take these days, as a new found hobby, to my blog. After this picture came out fine I decided that I should.

25 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco

This is from 25 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA. I took this picture on my way to the CostCo to get some groceries for the coming month. This building, as I came to know, houses a lot of government offices.


Never mind the photoblog. A few months after this post I’ve upgraded from a Point and Shoot camera to a prosumer level Nikon D90 DSLR. But having a separate photoblog is such a pain. So I’ll just upload them to Flickr and link them here. Much better option.

A Mad Week

I’ve never done so much in just one week of my life. Earlier for whole semesters I used to do nothing more than just let life pass by. There was never much to blog about anything. Now I do. Enough to make an unordered list out of it:

  • Shopped at Dollar Store, CostCo, Malls, Indian Stores and online etc etc etc.
  • Gone basement hunting for stuff to furnish our new apartment (You won’t believe the stuff we’ve found)
  • Attended our first week of real classes
  • Gave my first quiz in the US
  • Done some non-web related real coding after some three years
  • Broke a lot of stuff in my home one evening (Don’t ask me why – Don’t want to go into the details here)
  • Really managed to study even when I had no test or exam the next day
  • Walked what felt like many miles to and from the school
  • Joined a Gym but not regular yet
  • Applied for and got my Credit Card, Debit Card and Health Insurance card (Wallets already filling up with cards)
  • Did my first scam in US and applied for a Social Security Number (We’ll not exactly a scam but its what everyone does for an SSN)
  • And last but not the least – Lots of Babes

I took 3 classes this semester which add up to like 8 hours of classes per week. Analysis of Algorithms, Software Development and Theory of Computing – I’m finally studying something that interests me after 4 years of total brain wastage doing my Electronics and Communication Engineering. Seriously don’t even ask me what a diode is – I DON’T KNOW.