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How To Erase A Hard Drive

This is one of the typical tasks that I get at work. I would be given a hard drive to be ‘wipe’ed, which typically means that I have to erase all the data on the hard drive so that it can be disposed off properly. Formatting a hard drive will simply not cut it. There are ways to partially recover data off drives that have been formatted several times over. So whenever you’re selling/giving away your computer or throwing away a hard drive that you think doesn’t work, this is what you should do to wipe it to remove any private data.

  • Get DBAN and burn it to a cd.
  • Boot off the DBAN cd and run a hard drive wipe, at least DoD Short.

DoD Standard is the most secure option which does seven passes and completely nukes your data. DoD Short, which does three passes, will suffice in most situations and is much quicker than the Standard wipe. ( Yes, DoD stands for Department of Defense )

What if the hard drive doesn’t work at all? This is what I did with one SCSI hard drive that did not spin at all.

open-scsi-hard-disk I opened it up. The bracket that holds the drive head has some powerful magnets that you can extract and have fun with. Be super careful though, they have some heavy duty magnets in there. You can remove the drive platter(s), scratch it like hell, run a magnet all over it and trash it. I’d really like to see someone get data off that platter I messed with.

And that’s how you dispose a hard drive that doesn’t work or one that doesn’t spin.

500GB External Storage – Leech On!

[The things in red are meant for the technically inclined]

All those torrent downloads and Netflix DVD backups left me with almost no space on my laptop hard drive. For the record I currently have 80 movies on my hard drive. So at last I decided I should get external storage. I got a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 500GB Hard Drive for $100 and EAGLE ET-CSESU2-BK Aluminum 3.5″ Black USB 2.0 External Enclosure for about $12 – The total setup was delivered to me in 3 days by Newegg.com and they work great. You can say that I would not need a 7200RPM drive with 32MB cache for external storage since the USB 2.0 speeds are no where near hard drive speeds. But still I see this as a future investment for my desktop.


You can see that with the total number of drive partitions I have I’m almost running out of alphabets. What if I had more drive partitions than the number of alphabets? I’ve never seen what Windows would do in that scenario. My current plan is triple a boot system with Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows XP Professional and Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Future plans include a quad boot with Mac OS X Leopard. Mac on my Dell Vostro … Hmm.