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What’s Wrong with Google Wave – Another Google Wave Post


Google Wave is awesome. Everyone agrees. And there are books out there dissecting the guts of Google Wave. But no one still seems to point out one thing.

Who wants to log into another email like messaging system and check their waves everyday?

Not me. Not many of my friends. And I consider all of us to be tech savvy beta campers – meaning we camp out to get into anything beta. I take tons of time to organize and unify my everyday communication with the outside world. It would’ve been great if there was a notification email sent to Gmail every time someone sent me a wave, instead of me logging in everyday or just plain stay logged-in all the time. Google Voice does that. And I don’t have to keep logging into to Google Voice to check everyday.

And what’s wrong with the fake email looking wave address something@googlewave.com that does nothing?

Bulletproof Your Email in 3 Steps

Like all normal users even I had a single email account to handle all my email. It had a lot of drawbacks once your start receiving thousands of emails from hundreds of different sources, some of them I’m sure many of you have already faced:

  • Paranoid about deleting an email – No Recovery Options
  • Storage Constraints
  • Organizing
  • Privacy – Separate Work and Family
  • Spam

If you answered yes to at least one of the above reasons, read on. The advent of Gmail, you might say solves some of these problems like storage. But not even Gmail is perfect. So what I suggest is a 3 tier bulletproof system to alleviate your email paranoia.

  1. Personal Account: Create a new Gmail account and give E-mail address to only your closest friends and relatives. Lets call this PA@gmail.com
  2. Your Current E-mail Account: This is the E-mail account you already have. This is for regular use and for work. Lets call this MA@gmail.com
  3. Archive Account: Create another new Gmail account. Use this only when dubious a website asks for your E-mail. No where else. Lets call this AA@gmail.com

Now the Setup:

  • Log in to PA@gmail.com and go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. In Forwarding select “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” and fill in MA@gmail.com and keep the Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
  • Now, Log in to MA@gmail.com and go to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. In Forwarding select “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” and fill in AA@gmail.com and keep the Gmail’s copy in the inbox.

The Setup will now look like this:


After this setup you only need to login to your current email account to access all your email. If you accidentally delete an email in either your personal email or work email you always go to your archive email AA@gmail.com and retrieve that important message. There is a lot less spam since it is eliminated in three tiers. my-gmail-labels

If you are really finicky about organizing you can create filters in you current Gmail account and filter email into their respective labels/folders and color code them. The “Better Gmail Firefox extension” from Gina Trapani of LifeHacker.com provides the folder like functionality that you see to the left. That and lots of other cool features that make Gmail even better.

Please tell me what other types of email setups you use to manage your email.

Import Gmail Contacts into iPod in 3 Steps

I recently had a chance to browse a 30GB video iPod that my friend has. It really was a very good piece for all those gadget lovers like me. I came across one of the less used features of the iPod – Contacts. I was really impressed with the detail and design of the contacts in iPod complete with an option for a contact image. So I thought why not import all the Gmail contacts into the iPod.

Step 1: Export contacts from Gmail. Open Gmail in your browser windows, go to Contacts and select Export.

export contacts from gmail
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