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Google Wave Desktop Notifier


Just what I wanted to solve some of my problems with Google Wave. Looks pretty good for now. Here’s the download link.

What’s Wrong with Google Wave – Another Google Wave Post


Google Wave is awesome. Everyone agrees. And there are books out there dissecting the guts of Google Wave. But no one still seems to point out one thing.

Who wants to log into another email like messaging system and check their waves everyday?

Not me. Not many of my friends. And I consider all of us to be tech savvy beta campers – meaning we camp out to get into anything beta. I take tons of time to organize and unify my everyday communication with the outside world. It would’ve been great if there was a notification email sent to Gmail every time someone sent me a wave, instead of me logging in everyday or just plain stay logged-in all the time. Google Voice does that. And I don’t have to keep logging into to Google Voice to check everyday.

And what’s wrong with the fake email looking wave address something@googlewave.com that does nothing?

Google Wave Invites will not be instant

As I’ve been mentioning, Google Wave invites won’t be instant. Some of the people I gave out invites to(people who I don’t know) keep telling me that they haven’t received their invites.

google-wave-invites As you can see that they’re taking their own sweet time in letting new users in. So contrary to my past opinion that you might receive them in a day or so, now I have a feeling that we might not know when those wave invites would be sent out.

I have Google Wave :D

Yes that’s a big grin. I’ve been waiting for it a while now.


One weird thing I observed though. Google wave gives you an email address like xyz@googlewave.com. So I tried emailing that address from my Gmail. And then nothing. I mean the email goes through fine but it doesn’t come out the other end. And no delivery error messages on my Gmail either.

More updates after I play with it a while. And I have some Google Wave Invites if someone needs them.

Update: I’ve bookmarked 5 invites for people who stumble upon my blog. The first 5 get an invite.

1st Invite – Gone!

2nd Invite – Gone!

3rd Invite – Gone!

4th Invite – Gone!

5th Invite – Gone!

Update: That’s all for now folks. I’ll have a new post up if I get more invites. But for now I’m out.