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Google Gears Updated for Firefox 3.6

google_gears_logo_153x43 Finally! Google Gears has been updated for Firefox 3.6! The only thing I use Gears is for WordPress Turbo and I was worried that Google has totally stopped updating Gears. It was finally updated today and the Gears plugin is working again and chugging along.

Upload Any File to Google Docs

Google promised uploading any file format to Docs which is kind of like a backup network GDRIVE. It promised to roll out this feature in a couple of weeks. Hasn’t it been two weeks already and where is my option to upload any file? Another thing that they’re yet to deliver on is annotations for my Google Analytics.


Update 1: According to the Google blog post about this, not it hasn’t been 2 weeks yet. I was just getting impatient.

Update 2: Hope everyone has file upload on their Google docs by now. I just got mine yesterday. (01/24/2010)

What’s Wrong with Google Wave – Another Google Wave Post


Google Wave is awesome. Everyone agrees. And there are books out there dissecting the guts of Google Wave. But no one still seems to point out one thing.

Who wants to log into another email like messaging system and check their waves everyday?

Not me. Not many of my friends. And I consider all of us to be tech savvy beta campers – meaning we camp out to get into anything beta. I take tons of time to organize and unify my everyday communication with the outside world. It would’ve been great if there was a notification email sent to Gmail every time someone sent me a wave, instead of me logging in everyday or just plain stay logged-in all the time. Google Voice does that. And I don’t have to keep logging into to Google Voice to check everyday.

And what’s wrong with the fake email looking wave address something@googlewave.com that does nothing?

Celebrating Google’s Doodle that’s celebrating the Barcode


Today’s Google’s doodle celebrates the 57th anniversary of the invention of Barcode.

Needless to say, I’m just showing off mine here.

Firefox Keyword Search Broken on Google Maps

For people like me who use the firefox keyword search feature, a google maps keyword search set to gp is on the top of the list. I can just say gp address in the browser windows to quickly lookup the directions whenever I’m in a hurry. I recently lost my old bookmark, so I had to go to the google maps site and bookmark it. But this time around it simply wouldn’t work. All I get after I press enter is a lousy blank page with a blank text box. So after a little research on the web I found that google changed some of the search strings. This is what the new string looks like.


The part in red is the rogue string that breaks the google maps keyword search for firefox. So anyone who has been affected by this just edit your google maps keyword search bookmark to look like this:


And search away.