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Google Wave Invites will not be instant

As I’ve been mentioning, Google Wave invites won’t be instant. Some of the people I gave out invites to(people who I don’t know) keep telling me that they haven’t received their invites.

google-wave-invites As you can see that they’re taking their own sweet time in letting new users in. So contrary to my past opinion that you might receive them in a day or so, now I have a feeling that we might not know when those wave invites would be sent out.

I have Google Wave :D

Yes that’s a big grin. I’ve been waiting for it a while now.


One weird thing I observed though. Google wave gives you an email address like xyz@googlewave.com. So I tried emailing that address from my Gmail. And then nothing. I mean the email goes through fine but it doesn’t come out the other end. And no delivery error messages on my Gmail either.

More updates after I play with it a while. And I have some Google Wave Invites if someone needs them.

Update: I’ve bookmarked 5 invites for people who stumble upon my blog. The first 5 get an invite.

1st Invite – Gone!

2nd Invite – Gone!

3rd Invite – Gone!

4th Invite – Gone!

5th Invite – Gone!

Update: That’s all for now folks. I’ll have a new post up if I get more invites. But for now I’m out.

Google Voice Invites


Google Voice started handing out invites a while. And I just saw that I have some. So who wants a Google Voice invite? The first 3 requests get their invites. Comment by saying something like, “Can I get an invite? my email is xxx.”

I’ll keep updating this post as I get more invites.

1st Invite – Gone!

2nd Invite – Gone!

3rd Invite – Gone!