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iMat [Funny]

People desperately wanted Apple to make a tablet and when they finally did something – THEY DONT LIKE IT. Well they should try their hand at creating something to at least know how hard some people work to bring a product out. Its not necessary that they should love it instantly but it definitely needs the benefit of doubt.

691404701But have to agree it’s sort of funny. Original article at BEGEEK.

iPhone App “Y! Messenger” Hijacks Safari Search Provider

I installed Yahoo! Messenger app on my iPhone today. Its fairly functional. I opened Safari to do some mundane thing and was surprised to see that my default search provider has been changed(hijacked) Read More →

How To Take an iPhone Screenshot

I didn’t know how to take an iPhone screenshot till today. I thought geeks did some uber-geek hack thing and got a screenshot. Its so easy that I look stupid now.

Be at the screen.[The screen you want a shot of]

Press down Home Button[The Big Round Button in the centre] and then Press and release the iPhone Lock button[The Small Button at the top of the iPhone].

There will be a flash confirming the screenshot and you’ll have the image file in your Photos > Camera Roll.

Custom New Ringtones on my iPhone

Yes I have an iPhone now. But was so lazy that I did not have the time to put some nice new ringtones on my phone.

At last I did. Proof–

Read More →