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On my way to see Avatar…

Update: Avatar was AWESOME. I don’t think I need to say anything more since the movie has already been dissected by countless blogs and websites. I just saw in 3D though, not IMAX 3D. 🙁

Brittany Murphy Dies of Cardiac Arrest

Shit, she’s not even 35 and she dies due to a heart attack? Seriously?


I thought I’d be seeing her again in Sin City 2. Here’s the link to the BBC news article.

Ironman 2 Trailer Released

OMG! Ironman 2 trailer released and I had no clue it did until I saw the trailers at apple.com today. What is the world coming to.


Watch the trailer right now at Apple Trailers specifically the Iron Man 2 Trailers page.

District 13: Ultimatum Trailer

I never thought that they’d make another District 13 movie. Or Banlieue 13 for the french. So I was pleasantly surprised and excited when I saw the new District 13 Ultimatum Trailer on Apple.com trailers.

Here’s the link to the Apple.com trailer page until I figure out a way to stream the video directly on the blog.

And did I mention that the trailer is AWESOME.

Update: The movie’s already out on some torrent sites. WTF?!?