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Power Outage at San Francisco State University

An unexpected power outage left much of San Francisco State University in darkness. I work for one of the campus systems departments and we had to literally run to our server room to shutdown our servers due to the fear that they might just set themselves on fire due to loss of cooling or there might be data loss. Read More →


We’ll we woke up late as usual since it was a weekend. But we at least woke up by midday. When we got to school we could not get into the science building since all the doors we knew about were closed, and I agree we knew very little. After a few minutes of search up and down the campus pathways we found the door, in plain view.

Game day in undergrad lab

People were already enjoying with a lot of consoles. You can see (or not) the Nintendo Wii on the left and people playing RockBand on the right. There was a PS3 on which two guys were playing soccer all the time. There was no PC gaming because people said that it took too long to set up the PCs to make them playable. There was also an Atari system which was never setup.

Rock Band on Sony PS2

There were Doritos and lots of soda to start with. The Pizzas came in late along with Simon, the guy with a PC in the first picture. We dug in as soon as they arrived. As usual there was lots of food to go around. It took a while even for us to complete everything but in the end we got there.

food in computer lab

We ate, talked and played various games for about 3 hours and then they gave away some casual prizes for the largest scores. I didn’t get any of course because it was my first time at a console game(the real reason might be that I usually suck at games but I still do not stop playing them). I had a great time meeting some people. And here I am sitting in the SF State library and writing this blog post among the book stacks.

San Francisco State University Library-among the book stacks