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AutoBox – More Than Plain Vanilla Torrent Downloading

Ubuntu Server Setup

Hardware You Need: Any box that runs Ubuntu server edition with respectable performance.


  • SSH
  • rtorrent
  • Samba
  • Apache

More as I find time…

District 13: Ultimatum Trailer

I never thought that they’d make another District 13 movie. Or Banlieue 13 for the french. So I was pleasantly surprised and excited when I saw the new District 13 Ultimatum Trailer on Apple.com trailers.

Here’s the link to the Apple.com trailer page until I figure out a way to stream the video directly on the blog.

And did I mention that the trailer is AWESOME.

Update: The movie’s already out on some torrent sites. WTF?!?

Demonoid’s Back – Again!


One of my all time favorite torrent trackers – Demonoid.com is back online again. As you know from one of my blog posts, Demonoid was finally taken down in November 2007 after their intermittent service in the month of September that same year. All the old user accounts are working now(mine did) and the torrents are there and the tracker is up and running providing blazing speeds as usual. Their welcome back post from April 11th 2008 states that a new site admin’s here and that the site itself may be going online and offline over the next few weeks(Site Maintenance?). But whatever bro, we’re just happy that you are back.