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Scheduled Maintenance This Weekend

My one long year with multiple site outages and high ping response times is almost over. I’ll be moving from Dreamhost to my old host – Netfirms. I would be moving my blog and a couple of other sites so people who do stop by once in a while expect some downtime over this weekend while I’m doing this. If everything goes as planned this should be a smooth and easy transfer.

Sfsu.edu Is Down

sfsu_edu_pingSfsu.edu and all of its sub-domains like ilearn.sfsu.edu are down since almost 2 hours. And they’re still that way. What the fuck is going on during finals week? Or did the students take over the servers in the basement this time.

10:10pm Update 1: The campus network started experiencing outage at around 7:06pm for both inbound and outbound traffic. Intra-campus traffic seems to be working properly. Not a student takeover. (sigh!) So the network’s been down for more than 3 hours already. I need to finish up a final report tonight. 🙁

10:20pm Update 2: It’s up!

Bought A New Domain

Just bought a new domain, harshay.com (no it’s not crappy cuz it’s HarshaY.com), just for the heck of it. Was being offered a domain name for $0.99/year. So I thought, it’s good to stock up on domains. Might never know when you would actually need one. Haven’t thought about what I would have there. It can be my own personal site with various things I’m doing right now.

Power Outage at San Francisco State University

An unexpected power outage left much of San Francisco State University in darkness. I work for one of the campus systems departments and we had to literally run to our server room to shutdown our servers due to the fear that they might just set themselves on fire due to loss of cooling or there might be data loss. Read More →