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Google Gears Updated for Firefox 3.6

google_gears_logo_153x43 Finally! Google Gears has been updated for Firefox 3.6! The only thing I use Gears is for WordPress Turbo and I was worried that Google has totally stopped updating Gears. It was finally updated today and the Gears plugin is working again and chugging along.

reCAPTCHA Installed On My WordPress Blog – Fuck You Comment Spam

Recaptcha_logoJust installed reCAPTCHA plugin for on my WordPress and it works and integrates “B E A Utifully” with my current theme and looks cool. A lot less work for my Akismet plugin now. Wonder how the two plugins would complement each other if at all.

Click to comment to see what I’m talking about.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.9 Carmen

I did an automatic WordPress upgrade to 2.9 today. I didn’t know that it would be announced so soon after the release of RC1. I mean where was RC2? 😛


It feels good and I WANT to upgrade WordPress whenever there is a new release these days when I don’t have to go through the old painful steps of backing up, downloading the new installation files and updating the files one-by-one like I used to do before the automatic upgrade came along.


Fixed Some Broken Links

 broken_link_checker_wordpress_plugin_screenshotFound an awesome plug-in called Broken Link Checker for WordPress. It basically just sits on your WordPress dashboard and checks for broken links on your blog. I didn’t even know that I had some on my blog from entries that were, as they say, not timeless.

New Theme

I was fed up with my old theme and the limitations it had. It was just a tinkered version of a very old wordpress theme.

I went ahead looking for free customizable themes. And Smashing Magazines post help me.

I kind of love the new theme I have now. It give me options to display what I’m really doing these days. One thing among them, photography. I bought a Nikon D90! 🙂